CLEAR Travel Policy

All policies and reimbursement only apply if the speaker has requested and been pre-approved for funding in each specific category.

I. Air Travel Policies

a.  Allowable Air Class Seating and Reimbursable Airfare Expenses - Coach or discounted fares are required for all CLEAR funded travel. CLEAR will reimburse baggage fees for up to one checked bag. Travel insurance or other optional add-ons are not reimbursable.
b.  Frequent Flyer Points - Speakers may use the airline of their choice in order to earn frequent flyer points, etc. CLEAR does require that speakers take into account the carrier with the lowest fare available and the most logical routing.
c.  Personal Travel - Speakers may combine personal travel with CLEAR-related travel. The amount paid by the speaker will be the difference between the airfare and the rate CLEAR would have paid without any deviations, unless the personal travel results in a lower airfare. Reimbursement for additional hotel costs as a result of attaining a lower airfare must be pre-approved.

II. Lodging

a.  Conference Rate - Conference speakers should make their hotel reservations at the conference hotel by using the weblink on CLEAR’s conference webpage. Speakers should make their reservations as soon as possible to ensure availability of the group rate. If the speaker is unable to secure the group rate at the conference hotel, the speaker should contact Virginia Shapland ( before proceeding with a reservation.
b. Reimbursable Expenses - CLEAR will cover hotel room and tax for approved conference days* (generally no more than two nights) at the CLEAR group rate. A personal credit card must be provided to the hotel to guarantee the reservation. Upon check-in, speaker will need to present a credit card for all hotel charges.
c.  Cancellations - Cancellations should be notified to CLEAR staff no less than 48 hours in advance. CLEAR staff will cancel speaker’s reservation with hotel. If the speaker does not notify CLEAR of their cancellation and is classified as a no-show, speaker will be responsible for all room charges. Responsibility of payment for a no-show billing is that of the speaker unless an explanation is approved by the Executive Director.

III. Ground Transportation

a.  Mileage reimbursement for the use of a personally owned vehicle for CLEAR business purposes is at the Federal Standard Mileage Rate (for 2022 is 58.5 cents/mile), plus tolls and parking charges. In the case of a destination over 500 miles where the car is used by personal preference, reimbursement will be issued at the lower of the mileage or the cost that airfare would have been. Personal vehicles being used on CLEAR business are not covered under CLEAR’s insurance policy.
b.  Speakers are requested to use the most economical ground transportation from and to the airport, generally shuttle or ride-share vans over taxis or limousine services.

IV. Meals, Gratuities, Etc.

a.  With prior approval, CLEAR will reimburse for meals allowance at $55 per day on approved conference days*.
b.  Gratuities should not exceed the following ranges based on service provided:

Meals and taxis - 15-20%
Skycap and hotel bellmen - $1.50 per bag
Hotel room and maid services - $1.50 per day
Be aware of inclusive gratuities.

c.  Spouse accompaniment on CLEAR business is a non-reimbursable expense.
d.  Non-reimbursable expenses include: Baby-sitting; gifts; personal entertainment; airline clubs; grooming; briefcases, luggage or similar items for personal use; special use of facilities such as sauna or health club; airline or hotel upgrades; travel insurance; travel agency booking fees.

V. Expense Reports

a.  In order to receive reimbursement for CLEAR business related expenses, an expense report must be submitted. Expense report requires documentation of dates of travel, lodging, meals, and transportation. The following documentation is required:

Airfare - Original passenger coupon, itinerary or credit card voucher
Hotel - Original folio plus credit card voucher or proof of payment
Meals - Credit card voucher or cash register receipt
Transportation - Credit card voucher or cash register or handwritten receipt

b.  Expense reports must be submitted within 30 days after return.
c.  Reimbursement may only be claimed for items as indicated or estimated on the original speaker funding request. Reimbursement for additional items is at the discretion of CLEAR’s Executive Director.


*Approved conference days are determined by when your presentation is scheduled to be delivered and the reasonable availability of travel to the conference location. 


Updated February 13, 2023