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Professional Licensing Report

Professional Licensing Report

Professional Licensing Report is an independent bi-monthly newsletter that covers developments and trends in professional licensing and regulation, especially testing and professional discipline. PLR brings its subscribers essential news and analysis of important court rulings, licensing board decisions, regulatory initiatives, audits, and policy debates. CLEAR assumed publication and management responsibilities of Professional Licensing Report in the Spring of 2023.

In celebration of CLEAR's recent acquisition of PLR, for a limited time, we are offering all CLEAR members the opportunity to purchase an annual digital subscription of the publication for just $129. This time sensitive promotion will expire on June 30th. The price of PLR for a CLEAR member that purchases an annual subscription after June 30th will be $159. The annual subscription price for non-CLEAR members is $199.

Upon purchase of your subscription you will receive a coupon code that will give you subscriber access to Professional Licensing Report where you can access current and past issues of the publication. 

Non-Member Price: $199/yr
Member Price: $129/yr