Seventh International Congress on Professional & Occupational Regulation

May 3 - 5, 2023

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International Congress - May 4-5, 2023

For regulatory leaders looking for the chance to examine how global trends in professional and occupational regulation impact their own organizations, CLEAR’s International Congress on Professional and Occupational Regulation offers an interactive and dynamic forum to explore the most salient issues for the international regulatory community. Unlike traditional conferences, CLEAR’s International Congress employs a format of interactive education sessions and round table discussion groups to engage regulatory leaders in dialogue and active problem-solving for regulatory authorities both locally and around the world.

Regulatory Research Day - May 3, 2023

The Regulatory Research Day encourages information-sharing and networking among international researchers, regulators, accreditation authorities and practitioners. Join us as we explore the role research plays in shaping regulatory policy-making, and discuss the steps necessary to pursue an international research agenda. The event will include presentations on local and international research, provide opportunities for networks to be strengthened, and innovations in regulatory arrangements to be explored.

Full program information will be available in February 2023

Program Location

    Historic Dublin Castle
    Dame Street, Dublin

CLEAR does not have a host hotel for this program; however, here is a link to some suggested hotels within close proximity to Dublin Castle.

There are several events going on in the city during the time of the 
congress so we suggest you book your room early.