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Topaz Ad Retargeting Package

CLEAR offers a number of ad retargeting options that allow you to serve dynamic ads to anyone who has interracted with our website, subscribed to our mailing list, or attended a CLEAR event. Ad retargeting gives you access to our 150,000+ international contacts, who are involved with regulation or have interacted with CLEAR. Serving ads to our audience list is a more effective way to reach regulators than serving ads using filtered-targeting methods such as with Google, Facebook, etc., because we already know that every person in our contact list is involved with regulation!

Package Months Cost Views CPM (click per mille)
Sapphire 1 $500 20,000 $25
Topaz 3 $2,000 75,000 $27
Garnet 3 $3,500 150,000 $23
Pearl 3 $5,000 300,000 $17
Price: $2,000

Available until 06/30/2024 at 12:00AM (EDT)
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