Case Study: Collaborative Leadership Exemplars

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Introduction: Interprofessional collaborative patient-centred practice increases health system efficiencies, enhances health outcomes, and improves both patient and provider experiences. While the actual practice and implementation of interprofessional collaboration may be context specific, individual healthcare professional regulatory bodies are arguably the best positioned to articulate the expectation, obligation and enforcement of authentic interprofessional collaboration as leaders among their registrants.

Methods: This paper describes the collaborative leadership processes that have recently taken place between health professional regulators in Manitoba, Canada.

Results: Two exemplars of interprofessional collaboration in regulation resulted from this partnership: a common jurisprudence module for all participating regulatory partners and a joint practice standard on interprofessional collaboration for patient-centred care.

Discussion: Meaningful collaboration in healthcare regulation among different health professional regulatory bodies is possible where partnerships are authentic and leadership is shared. The positive experiences of these regulatory collaborations have set the stage for future initiatives where collaborative leadership can be the norm.

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