CLEAR Bylaws Amendment Accepted by Board

Posted By: Ashley Peterson CLEAR News,

At its most recent meeting, CLEAR’s Board of Directors voted to accept a recently proposed amendment to CLEAR's bylaws. The drafted bylaws amendment was first proposed to the Board in early Summer and then circulated to CLEAR's membership for comments ahead of the Board vote.

The amendment calls for the creation a new Education and Training Committee. An Education and Training Committee has historically been employed by CLEAR to coordinate and inform content across the organization’s training programs, and to identify topics upon which future training programs should focus.

The new Education and Training Committee will become a standing committee, supported by working groups formed on an as-needed basis to develop, review, and approve content for new and existing training programs. This change will allow conversations that affect all training programs to take place in a single forum and foster the cross-pollination of ideas across programs while ensuring the time of volunteer committee members, and resources more broadly, are used as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

You can access the updated bylaws through the button below.

Should you have any questions about this bylaws amendment, please feel free to contact Adam Parfitt at