Episode 60: Inquiry to Audit - Improving Communications

Carol Puchailo with the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba discusses the College's Inquiry to Audit (I2A) Project, an initiative the practice team took to critically think through their systems processes with a focus on improving communication. She discusses how the goal of quality assurance - always striving to get better - can also be applied to the college's own way of doing business, with a goal of improving communication to the public and to registrants. She discusses challenges of determining what information can be shared between the quality assurance team and the conduct team. She talks about the benefits to registrants and to college staff from clearly defining what an inquiry, consultation, review, and audit are and creating a map and flow chart to direct people through the process. "So, it's a process that worked well, and we felt that we were successful at it, but we had to always check in with ourselves. . . . It's going to be an ongoing conversation."

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