Episode 62: Themes in Professional Licensing with CLEAR's Premier Technology Partner, Thentia

CLEAR Podcast,

Paul Leavoy, Managing Director - Regulatory Content and editor of Ascend magazine for Thentia, talks with CLEAR about regulatory news and current themes in professional licensing. He highlights how labor shortage issues are intertwined with licensing reform and license portability. He talks about some interesting interviews he's done with Dr. Marie Bismark about data trends in complaints and with NCSBN's David Benton about using technology and AI for complaints handling. He gives examples of states doing great work on licensing reform and licensure compacts. And he gives a peek at some research projects Thentia is working on: "Something that excites me is kind of painting a picture of tomorrow's regulator. If we flash forward with all the tools and technologies that are within our grasp - What does it look like 10 years from now?"

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