Episode 72: CLEAR’s DEI Resources for Regulators and Revisiting a Conversation on Unconscious Bias

CLEAR Podcast,

This episode revisits a previous conversation about unconscious bias - what it means, how it can influence our decision-making, and what we can do to minimize its impact.  We also announce new DEI resources for CLEAR members. CLEAR’s DEI Definitions workgroup has developed definitions of key terms frequently used in discussions about DEI. The workgroup carefully considered a range of definitions for each term and is constantly refining and reflecting upon this work. CLEAR’s External Resources for Regulators workgroup has compiled a list of resources related to developing, implementing, and measuring DEI initiatives within regulatory organizations. The documents, policies, and research resources are grouped by categories related to starting your DEI journey, foundational knowledge, policy documents, practice standards and practice guides for professionals, DEI-related courses and training, and DEI metrics. There’s a wealth of resources, many from fellow regulators, to support you on your DEI journey as we seek to remove bias and discrimination in the professional and occupational regulatory community.  

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