New Mexico: updates to expedited professional licensure law

Administration, Entry to Practice, Mobility,

An executive order in October 2021 directed a review of the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department to streamline professional licensing practices. In response, a new law

  • "removes barriers related to licensure that are unrelated to the profession;
  • provides nurses an expedited license to practice in New Mexico;
  • makes changes to the grounds for refusal to issue, renew, suspend, or revoke a license by updating the language and removing current barriers that will substantially improve the timely issuance of licensure;
  • eliminates the requirement of four years of high school for cosmetologist instructor and barber instructor applicants; and
  • provides the opportunity for licensure for those who are in good standing and have practiced without complaints to transfer their licenses and easily start working after a move."

Legislation currently directs New Mexico boards to issue a one-year provisional license to an applicant who holds a license in good standing in another jurisdiction, has practiced the profession for a prerequisite time period, and completes a criminal background check if required. A new section of legislation directs that a regular license be issued upon renewal application and allows boards to establish a posted list of states and territories from which it would not accept an application for expedited licensure. Also, rulemaking procedures are removed from the legislation and instead referred to the State Rules Act.

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