Q&A with 2022 CLEAR Awards Recipient Jon Pellet

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CLEAR is pleased to present a conversation with Jon Pellet, the recipient of the 2022 James L. Guffey NCIT Development Award. Mr. Pellet is a partner at Pennington Law and specializes in administrative and healthcare law in the state of Florida. The James L. Guffey NCIT Development Award is given to an individual that has made an outstanding contribution to the enhancement and/or development of the National Certified Investigator/Inspector Training Program (NCIT). Pellett has been instrumental in guiding the NCIT Committee, as it has overseen the development of new offerings, together with the refinement of existing content. His attitude, compassion and work-ethic have significantly supported CLEAR’s work when retooling both Basic and Specialized NCIT programs, which to date have trained over 21,000 regulatory investigators and inspectors.

We are excited to have learned more about Pellet's experience with CLEAR and encourage any members that are interested in nominating a colleague for the upcoming 2023 CLEAR awards cycle to do so. We are accepting nominations until May 19th, learn more here.

What does winning the James L. Guffey NCIT Development Award mean to you?

I was very humbled and surprised that I was considered for this award. Early during my active involvement with the NCIT Committee, I had the opportunity to briefly work with James L. Guffey on review of the NCIT course.  I also briefly served as an NCIT instructor. He is a legend. He sought excellence in all he did. He was a role model. He gave generously of his time to CLEAR.  I can only strive to meet his example of regulatory excellence and his contributions to CLEAR.   

Tell us about some of the projects you have been working on or any significant career developments that you have had since winning your award.

I am currently serving as NCIT Committee Chair and Vice Chair of Compliance and Discipline Committees.

I am also working on a Scenario based training program, specialized training, and review of NCIT courses. Previously, I developed an Administrative Law training program and reviewed various specialized programs including drug diversion and sexual misconduct. 

What are some of the greatest benefits you have experienced as a CLEAR member?

The greatest benefit that I have experienced as a CLEAR member is the diversity of the organization and ability to network and the expansion of CLEAR membership to include international agencies and quality of discussions and presentations.

What trends or future regulatory developments are you excited to see in your industry?

Curious to see how AI will assist regulatory agencies in their missions and whether agencies will work toward greater transparency in how they handle complaints and discipline.

What have been some of your biggest takeaways from CLEAR’s Annual Educational Conferences?

It is the perspectives offered by the presenters and the quality of the presentations. Some of the top experts come to the Annual Educational Conference and offer their time to others. The conference provides an opportunity for discussion and networking. There are always tidbits to take back.

Learn more about the 2023 CLEAR Awards and how you can nominate a colleague here.

Special thanks to Mr. Pellet for taking the time to contribute as a guest blogger.