CLEAR x Tyler Technologies Survey Report: Perspectives on Online Engagement


CLEAR is pleased to present the results of a recent survey that was created in collaboration with Tyler Technologies, a CLEAR 2023-24 Premier Partner, that looks at how online services, payments, digital profiles, and artificial intelligence are used and perceived in today’s state regulatory landscape.

Today’s state regulatory agencies face the dual challenge of streamlining interactions with licensees and improving online public engagement, specifically through digital platforms. To explore this challenge, the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR), in partnership with Tyler Technologies, offered an online survey in February 2024 to more than 7,000 individual CLEAR stakeholders representing more than 400 regulatory agencies, colleges, and bodies). CLEAR and Tyler sought to examine the use and perception of digital technologies — including online services, payment systems, digital profiles, and artificial intelligence (AI) — within regulatory agencies.

Access the full report of this survey's findings at the button below. 

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