Consultation on Minnesota lawyer discipline system

Compliance & Discipline,

The American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Profession Regulation has produced a consultation report, as requested by th Minnesota Supreme Court, making 25 reccomendations about Minnesota's lawyer discipline system. This analysis of the comments received highlights the following areas:

  • fully implementing the report's recommendations would require new staff, technology and training for which the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility does not have a budget
  • adoption of an alterntive to discipline program received consensus agreement
  • conversion of the adminition appeal process to a public appeal was opposed
  • moving the advisory opinion service from the OLPR to the Bar was opposed

The following reccomendations received comments of mixed opinion:

  • eliminating designated appointments to the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board by the Minnesota State Bar Association
  • sunsetting the District Ethics Committees, volunteers who conduct investigations
  • streamlining reinstatement hearings proceedings
  • various structural and procedural recommendations

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