Guest post: CLEAR webinar on How to Handle Flagged Candidates

Posted By: Russ Harrington Examination Issues,

Guest blog post by Russ Harrington

Attending the webinar on Beyond Data Forensics was informative and engaging.  Chris Beauchamp from Meazure Learning provided an understanding of data forensics and the importance of six standard deviations!  It was helpful to understand what it means when a candidate is flagged, the explanations that may cause this situation, and the strengths and limitations of data forensics.  This provided context to the case study by Melanie Therrien of CLPNA.  Melanie discussed the complexities arising when data forensics flags a candidate, and the legal and procedural issues to consider, while continuing to maintain the focus on protecting the public interest.

The take-aways from the lessons learned were particularly interesting, which included:

-    Being able to explain to a candidate how they were flagged, while understanding the emotions the individual likely is experiencing.
-    Ensuring regulations, by-laws and policies are in place to support data forensics.
-    Being consistent and clear in decision making.
-    Having processes in place to support data forensic outcomes, communicating them clearly and consistency in their application.
Melanie’s lessons learned had practical applications which were helpful.

Thanks Chris and Melanie for providing their time and insights to the CLEAR attendees.


The recording of this webinar can be purchased in the CLEAR Store.