Opinion article: regulate designers of AI systems

Reg of New Professions, Technology,

This article in the UK Law Society's Gazette advocates for the regulation of individuals who design AI systems. Discussions about regulating AI have tended to focus on the countries and companies providing the systems, but the article states, "the design, data and training of AI systems can all shape how they operate. The effectiveness of any regulatory system depends ultimately on the humans who make these decisions. . . We would therefore use a definition of ‘AI professional’ that focuses on function rather than terminology: ‘an individual who develops AI systems in the course of business’. . .  Individuals who satisfy professional requirements would gain status, as well as obtaining a ethical foundation to guide them through challenging and socially important issues. Firms employing AI professionals would gain an additional source of assurance that their AI systems will function consistently with societal and regulatory expectations, helping to drive uptake of the technology. Professionalising the AI workforce would enable the UK to compete on quality, rather than engaging in a regulatory race to the bottom."

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