CPA National Pipeline Advisory Group releases report

Alt Pathways to Licensure,

The National Pipeline Advisory Group was convened in response to an American Institute of Certified Public Accountants resolution with the direction to develop a national strategy to address accounting workforce shortages. The recently released proposal includes concepts for alternate paths to CPA licensure.

"• Experiential learning that earns college credit on the student’s transcript, delivered by an accredited college or university. This is already happening now under several models and could be expanded nationally. This continues to preserve CPA practice mobility.
• A near-term model of experiential learning off the transcript, most likely delivered by the employer or another third party.
• Due to its overall complexity, the third concept is deemed longer term: Create a competency-based licensure model that is neither based on university credit hours nor experience time, although both are likely to contribute in some way. This model would help measure mastery and readiness instead of time in school or time on the job."

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